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Green's Quality Meats

Welcome to Green's Quality Meats

Deer Processing Services Offered:

Processing $75

Skinning and Processing $95

Skinning and Processing Shoulder Mount $100

Boneless Grinding and Vacuum Packaging $.85 per pound

Boning Quartered Deer $9.00 per quarter

Beef or Pork Added: $2.00 per pound added

Deer Sausages, Jerky and Snack Sticks:

Regular Summer Sausage $8.75 (per 3# stick)

Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage (per 3# stick)

Peppercorn Summer Sausage $9.25 (per 3# stick)

Deer Barman Brats $2.50 (per pound)

Hot Italian Sausage Links $2.50 (per pound)

Whole Muscle Jerky $4.75 (green weight)

Snack Sticks (Slim Jims) $4.50 (green weight)

Snack Sticks (Cheese) $5.00 (green weight)

Snack Sticks (Jalapeno & Cheese) $5.50 (green weight)

***All sausages will have pork added, be vacuum packed, and 3 lb weights are approximate. All 3 lb sticks will be cut in half and vacuum packed!

Green's Quality Meat Service is a processor for The Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry Program